The Aeroclams are designed to be as Universal as possible and to date, between the P1 and P2 Aeroclams, they fit 209 [as of 8/Nov/20] bike seat brands and models. The underside of the vast majority of saddles are very similar, and right across saddle brands & models the P1 and P2 often fit as well as each other, but there are some P1 and P2 specific saddle fits only.

Generally though, the flatter the bottom profile of the saddle the more likely the P2 Aeroclam is the best fit. The more Concave the bottom profile of the saddle, the more likely the P1 Aeroclam will fit [see images below in 'What's the Difference between the P1 & P2 Aeroclam']. See the list of saddles below that fit either P1 or P2 Aeroclams. Please contact us if you are unsure and we will help with your decision.



Download the installation instructions here [pdf].

View this installation video from the beginning. Installation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5MfE3urYMLk&t=10s

Small, Medium to Large Bottom Section Swapout; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t-1EgOzYShc

Side to Side Movement at the rear of the Aeroclam; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YIvFBPBwYtQ

Hi and thanks for ordering from Cyckit.  

Due to the effects of Covid-19 delivery times with Standard Non Tracked Shipping are around 3.5 to 5 weeks.

This is bad for Cyckit as we do all we can to ensure good service, hence now we encourage using the International Tracked Courier Service.

Recently a number of US based customers have emailed saying they'd received their orders in 15 to 20 days. 

So delivery times are slowly getting faster in a small number of cases still random.

The delays are not within NZ as there’s virtually no Covid-19 problem here. The delays are within the logistic chains and customs internationally.

Instructions;  Please ensure you either read instructions supplied with Aeroclam or view the installation videos above as this is important.

I designed the clamp when tightened, to 'bottom out' on the very strong mid section of the Aeroclam top section, hence a little side to side movement at the rear of the Aeroclam when tightened. 

This 'bottoming out' stops the transfer of too much load to the seat rail area of the top section and prevents slight distortion of the top section if over tightened.

The slight side to side movement is basically a safety mechanism to stop distorting of the top section ‘if' over tightened.

You’ll only really get slight side to side movement with the thinner steel rails. 

However if this bothers you, you can wrap some electrical tape on the angled section of the rails around where the clamp clamps down to eliminate any movement.

On thicker carbon rails there is minimal or no side to side movement.

Wedges;  The wedges are only there as a precaution to stop heavy handed people from over tightening the clamp.

The wedges give the rear side of the clamp something to bottom out onto on the mounting bridge before bending, over stressing and breaking.

Due to the variety of angles of the upsweep of the saddle rails [at the rear where the Aeroclam clamps to], the clamp rarely clamps 100% flat to the rails.

This causes no problems and the clamp will be able to lift excess of 100kgs off the ground without making 100% clamp/rail contact.

What it does do however, is leave the clamp contacting onto the rails on the front edge and raised with an air gap on the back of the clamp.

‘IF' the clamp is over tightened, the back of the clamp can continue to pull downward and bend, then if continued to over tighten, eventually breaks the clamp.

When the wedges are used, the rear of the clamp touches down on the wedge, hence supporting the clamp.

 If the clamp is tightened sensibly, and without being over tightened trying to eliminate the side to side movement at the rear of the unit, the wedges aren’t necessary.

Since designing the Aeroclams, I've strengthened the clamp and top sections and the wedges hardly need to be used.  But I can never be sure who’s on the end of the cap screw key doing the tightening.

CAUTION!  You’ll know when the clamp is tight. 

The extra 'give' you might feel when tightening past this point is the clamp actually being over tightening and bending before breaking!

Just do up the socket key 'tight' with forefinger and thumb, maybe wrist but NEVER your forearm.

Very rarely, people manage to over tighten the clamp, hence causing damage. 


It gets expensive to replace the clamp and Cyckit will not pay shipping if the clamp is damaged by customers, but will supply the clamp free of charge.

NOTE: Thin Wedge for Thinner Steel Rails and Thick Wedge for Thicker Carbon Rails [only needed if over tightened]

Please read of the instructions in the PDF above.

These are the same as what's included in your Aeroclam kit but no harm in reading now to familiarise yourself on the process.

I drew these instructions up myself so anyone can relate & fit. They're very illustrative and very easy to follow despite looking a touch complex.

Fitting the Aeroclam is easy and should take averagely few minutes.

You will see you must separate the halves of the Aeroclam before assembly. Separate these directly sideways to the way the arrows point in the instructions.

Do not twist or wrench the clam halves on separation or you may damage the hinge.

Hope you'll love the Aeroclam/s as I've put a ton of development into these.

Would love to get some feedback if you can manage it after some use?

Just write Genuinely & 'From the Heart'.

I'll gift you something next order if you can find the time to give feedback or email me some imagery of your Aeroclam/Saddle combinations. 

Quite difficult to get people to do leave feedback on our facebook page so hopefully a reward will give incentive.

Always great to get imagery to populate the Image Gallery too. Please include yourself!

Please remind me of this offer at the time of your next order.

Absolutely contact Cyckit if you have any problems and you'll be answered promptly [provided it’s not during the hours of New Zealand sleep time].

Just a couple of things to keep in mind below;

1/  Read the instructions supplied with the Aeroclam.

2/  Do Not over tighten trying to eliminate the slight 'side to side' movement at the rear of the Aeroclam.

 This movement is designed to be there and is caused by the clamp bottoming out on the very strong mounting bridge of the top section, hence taking the load off the area under the saddle rails and preventing slight distortion from over tightening. Steel rails only.

3/  Just do up the clamp socket key 'tight' with forefinger and thumb, maybe wrist but NEVER your forearm or you risk bending and breaking the clamp.

4/  Make sure you separate the Aeroclam halves before installing. Do not twist or wench the halves trying to separate as this may damage the hinge. Slide the bottom halve directly out of the hinge sideways. Read the instructions!

5/  Make sure you face the narrow edge of the clamp forward and attach it to the ANGLED section of the saddle rails at the rear.

6/   Do not open the Aeroclam by pulling on the rubber latch or the Retailer Clip may be damaged

7/ Dropper Posts - Ensure Clearance between Rear Wheel and Aeroclam - If the rear wheel contacts the Aeroclam, the Aeroclam will smash and no warrantees for this.

8/ Make sure any unwanted extra space inside the Aeroclam is taken up with rolled plastic Lunch Wrap, bubblewrap, latex gloves etc

If the rubber latch becomes difficult to slide over the plastic buttons, smear the buttons with a touch of non petroleum based substance, cooking oil, Vaseline, organic detergent, rubber grease or anything slippery really.

Would love to hear back from you once you’ve covered some time with the Aeroclam. 

Facebook Reviews are always very as they’re a reflection of Cyckit’s products and Service.

Thanks, Pat



Much development has ensured the Aeroclams to be robust in all environments - Road to MTB. We have further acted on customer feedback to iron out any problems that have arisen in the past to make a truly good but small product range. Incredibly important to develop to the highest level and attract top rated customer feedback. 

Have over 100 top rated Facebook Reviews


The only "Average' Review we ever got was by Bike Radar way back when we sent them the very first Small and only P1 to Review. They slammed us on capacity. Working on a Medium sized Bottom Section to complete and add to the Small & Large Bottoms that swap out in 10 seconds. 



The only difference between the P1 & P2 Aeroclam is the contour on the top edge of the top section of the Aeroclam.

The P1 is more concave whereas the P2 is flatter along the top edge.

While the P1 fits more saddle brands and models, the P2 fits 95% of the Selle Italia range but also some Specialized and Fabric saddles etc. So there is a bit of crossover between the P1 and P2 with both models fitting some saddles as nice as each other.

But, there are certain saddles that specifically fit only the P1 or P2 Aeroclams.

Capacity is exactly the same and all parts interchange.


In normal and even extreme weather situations the Aeroclam will keep content dry.

During testing, the latch area was blasted with a high pressure hose and did let a trickle of water run down the inside of the clam and straight out the drain holes. The Aeroclam was designed to be watertight, and it was designed with ample drainage as well as rail impressions for the multitool to sit on preventing the tool from getting wet should water ever enter the clam.


The latch is more than up to the job of the zipper. It is made of very durable rubber that has excellent UV qualities.

The latch eyelets also have to be stretched over the plastic buttons with some resistance, so will not pop undone in motion as long as they are secured/seated properly in the first place. When testing the durability of the rubber latch eyelets, I personally slid the latch over the plastic buttons over 500 times on one Aeroclam. This equates to 250 punctures and the rubber compound held it’s composition perfectly.

If by some chance one of the eyelets isn’t seated correctly and comes off, the other eyelet will hold the content from falling onto the road. The amount of resistance needed to slide the latch eyelet over the plastic button is manageable and very quick compared to using a zipper.

If, for some reason the latch does eventually fail, it can be bought as a separate component and easily fitted by anyone. When your zipper fails, you buy a new saddle bag.


If the content is compressed packed as per instructions with the supplied rubber sleeve over the CO2 canister, there is no rattling.

When I designed the clam we designed it around the use of the medium inflators on the market, like the Lezyne inflator.

If you use smaller sized inflators, it’s recommended to slide a small piece of old tube over the inflator or use something to take up the extra space in that area like; small piece of rolled plastic lunchwrap, bubblewrap, cloth or latex glove.


 These saddles listed below are only the saddles we know that fit. There will be many more that fit perfectly we’ve not yet fitted to.

We are always keen to expand our knowledge of what saddle brands/models the Aeroclams fit that we haven’t yet fitted to, so please email us if you have a saddle brand/model not mentioned in the list. 

Please also see the list if saddles that do not fit the Aeroclams at the bottom of the page.

Image Gallery:  https://www.flickr.com/photos/187274167@N03/with/50310388966/

Adamo Prologue - P1

Aerofuel PRO (TT saddle) - P2 [P1 also fits]

Ajna Pro - P2
Ajna Elite - P2

ISM PL1.1 - P2

Astute Skyline VT - P2

Avenir XW2 - P1

Berk Lupina saddle - P1

Bontrager Aeolus - P1
Bontrager Affinity RL - P1
Bontrager Ajna Pro saddle - P2 & P1
Bontrager Affinity - P1
Bontrager Arvada - P1
Bontrager Commuter Gel - P1
Bontrager Evoke Race - P1 - Thin wedge
Bontrager Evoke RL WSD - P2
Bontrager Inform XL - P2
Bontrager Montrose - P1
Bontrager Paradigm RL - P1  - No wedge with carbon rails
Bontrager Paradigm Race - P1  - No wedge with carbon rails
Bontrager Senaro - P1
Bontrager XXX Carbon - P1

Cannondale - P1
Cannondale Dual Density - P1 - P2 may be a better fit
Cannondale Stage Ergo - P1 & P2 Both tops fit as good as each other
Cannondale Synapse 105 [STD saddle] - P1

Charge - P1

Chris Boardman EP4 Saddle - P1

Cirrus Stratos - P1
Cirrus - P1

Claud Butler - Exile - P1

Controltech Lynx Saddle - P1

Canyon Iridium Saddle - P1

EC90 Saddle - P2

Enigma Bikes UK [their own branded saddle] - P1

Ergon SMC3-L Saddle - P2
Ergon SM pro - P2
Ergon SME3-M - P2

Felt Sport Comfort Saddle - P1

FIZIK Arione - P2 - Please Scroll to the bottom of this page to view 
FIZIK Aliante - P1
FIZIK Antares - P1
Fizik Antares Versus Evo R1 Adaptive - P1
Fizik Tundra - P2
Fizik Gobi - P1
FIZIK Pave - P2
Fizik Argo Tempo - P1

Fabric ALM - P1
Fabric Cell - P2
Fabric Line - P1
Fabric Scoop - P1
Fabric Scoop Flat Elite - P2
Fabric Shallow Race - P2

Genesis - P1

Giant Defy - P1
Giant Contact SLR Forward - P1
Giant Contact SL Forward saddle - P1
Giant Contact SLR Neutral - P2
Giant Liv Contact Slr Forward - P2
Giant Performance Road Saddle - P2
Giant Propel Advanced Pro - P1
Giant Propel Contact Forward - P2
Giant TCR - 2012 Giant TCR Composite 2 - P2
Giant Unity Performance TRI Saddle - P1

Infinity L Series - P2
Infinity L1X - P1

Ibis Cycles Custom Saddle CrMo - P2

Isaac - P2 {Standard saddle on Isaac bike]

Kontact - P2

Liv Contact SLR Forward - P2

Lynskey Sport - P1

Mango Bikes [UK Brand] - P1

Merida Sport saddle - P2
Merida Ride - P1
Merida Reacto 400 - P1

Montague Navigator seat - P1

Most Panther - P2
Most Lynx - P1
Most Catopuma - P2

Norco SL Race - P2

Ontrack - P1

Oval - P1
Oval Concepts 200 - P2
Oval R500 - P1
Oval 700 - P1
Oval 900 - P1

Pinarello Ocelot - P1 &amp - P2

Prime Race Carbon - P2

Pro Tunix - P1

PRO Aerofuel (TT saddle) -

Prologo Dimension - Space - P2
Prologo Dimension - NDR - P2
Prologo Kappa DEA - P1
Prologo Kappa Space PAS - P1 - Clamp slight Modification. email info@cyckit.co.nz for imagery
Prologo Kappa EVO STNL - P1
Prologo Nago Evo Tri 40 - P1
Prologo NAGO Evo - P1
Prologo Storck/Nago Evo X10 T2.0 - P1
Prologo Scratch Pro t2.0 - P1
Prologo Scratch PRO CPC - P1
Prologo Scratch 2 134 CPC NACK - P1
Prologo Short - P1
Prologo X10 Nago Evo - P1
Prologo Vertigo - P1
Prologo Zero Pas - P2
Prologo Zero 2 - P2

Ritchey Comp Marathon - P1

RockBikes (Japanese Brand) - P1

San Marco Aspide - P1
San Marco Aspide CFX - P2
San Marco Aspide Superleggera - P1
San Marco Carbon Pro - P2
San Marco - Carbon Fibre composite saddle - P2
San Marco Magma - P2
San Marco Era - P1
San Marco Era Start Up Power - P1
San Marco Condor Protek - P1
San Marco Monza - P1
San Marco Ponza Power - P1
San Marco ProTime Branded Carbon saddle - P2
San Marco Regal - P1
San Marco Start Up - P2
San Marco Superleggra - P2
San Marco - Zoncolan - P2

Scott - P1

SDG BEL-AIR RL 2.0 Ti - P1
SDG Circuit - P2
SDG Duster - P1
SDG Ti-Fly - P2

Selle Italia C2 - P2
Selle italia Diva - P1
Selle Italia Flite - P2
Selle Italia Lady - P2
Selle Italia - Most - Bobcat - P2
Selle Italia - Most - Panther - FP - P2
Selle Italia Nero Puro - P2
Selle Italia Novus small - P1
Selle Italia Novus Boost Superflow - P1
Selle Italia Q Bik Flow - P2
Selle Italia Max SLR Gel Superflow - P2
Selle Italia SL - P2
Selle Italia SLR Max - P2
Selle Italia SLR - P2
Selle Italia SLS - Comfort Fit - P2
Selle Italia SIR - P2
Selle Italia Superflow - P2
Selle Italia SLR Carbonio Flow - P2
Selle Italia Colnago SLR - P2
Selle Italia SLR Team Edition - P2
Selle Italia Turbomatic - P2
Selle Italia SLR tekno flow - P2
Selle Italia X1 - P2
Selle Italia X3 - P2

Selle Royal Seta S1 - P2 - Contact Cyckit info@cyckit.co.nz

Shimano's Pro Stealth Saddle - P1

Spec Crit X Carbon - P2

Specialized alias 143 - P1
Specialized Avatar Comp - P2
Specialized Henge - P2
Specialized Jett - P2
Specialized Milano - P2
Specialized Mimic - P2
Specialized Myth - P1
Specialized Oura - Pro - P1 [Carbon Rails] Thick Wedge
Specialized Oura - Expert - P2
Specialized Phenom - P1
Specialized Phenom - Competitive XC - P1 & P2
Specialized Phenom Expert - P1 & P2
Specialized Power - P1 & P2 - Check Image Gallery
Specialized Power Arc - P1 & P2 - Check Image GalleryIf rails too thin, wrap electrical tape around rails & this will tighten the clamp onto the rails
Specialized Roubaix [bike] - P1 & P2
Specialized Riva - P2
Specialized Romin - EVO Expert - P1
Specialized Romin Expert - P1
Specialized Romin Pro - P1 [Carbon Rails] Thick Wedge
Specialized Ruby - P1
Specialized Targa - P2
Specialized Toupe [Post 2014] - P1 & P2 - Check Image Gallery
Specialized Toupe [Pre 2014] - P2
Specialized Toupe S-Works Carbon - P2
Specialized s Works Venge saddle - P1


SQ Lab 611 - P2  - Check Image Gallery
SQAB 612 - P2

Stealth Saddle - P1

Stratos Dynamic 4za Comfort - P1

Syncros RP - P2.0 - P1
Syncros XR - P2.0 - P1
Syncros RR - 2.0 - P1
Syncros Belcarra - P1
Syncros RP 20.1 - P1

Terry Butterfly Century - P2
Terry Raven - P2

Tec Unicus - P1

Trigon VSC 05 - P1

Tune Speedtune - P1
Tune Speedneedle - P1

Turnix Pro - P1

Vitus Bikes Venon VR Disc Road Bike - P1

Vision - P1

Velo Senso Miles saddle - P1
Velo Plush Bike Seat Saddle 1050 Aero - P2
Velo Whyte - P2

WTB Volt On-One Edition - P2

Zero Zelix - P1
Zero Team Zenith - P1
Zero zenith pro - P2


Saddles the Aeroclams Don't Fit:

Astute Skycarb Saddle vt - Non tubular saddle rails the problem
Adamo Typhoon - Contour different than Aeroclam
Brooks Saddles - Metal logo mould at rear obstructs Aeroclam from fitting
Cube - Fits securely but not snugly
Brooks Swift - Contour different than Aeroclam
Dash Strike
ISM Saddle Range - Different contour
Fizik Ardea VS - Logo Tag obstructs Aeroclam from fitting
Fizik Kurve Snake - Saddle rail design won’t allow clamp to fit
Fizik Vesta - Logo Tag obstructs Aeroclam from fitting
Koobi PRS Alpha - Suspension moulds protrude too far at rear
Max Cobb Gen 2 - Needs another wedge and other slight differences
Pro Falcon Flow - Won't fit flush
San Marco Mantra Carbon FX - Fit not quite right
Selle SMP - Tag at the rear obstructs & general shape won’t fit Aeroclam
Selle Italia - Max Flite Gel Flow - ‘Peak’ at rear curves down & Obstructs the fit  

Specialized Power Arc Pro Elaston - P2 - Protrusion at rear obstructs from nice fit Specialized Sitero - Just won’t fit nicely

Selle Italia X2 Trans Am
Selle Royal Men's Respiro moderate saddle - Customer said the P1 won't fit
Selle Royal Seta

Selle Italia Mantra - Downward mould at rear obstructs Aeroclam                   

Selle italia SLR superflow boost - Clamp interferes with underside of saddle. Working on new clamp now SQ Lab - Does not fit well on earlier models with larger rear mounds


FIZIK ARIONE - Aeroclam fit

Top image is a P2 Aeroclam that was fitted to a Fizik Arione saddle. The owner shaved back the original Fizik mounting system on the underside. As a result managed a nicer and closer fit to the saddle.
The Fizik mounting system is rarely used and shaving it back does not effect the strength of the saddle, so a modification worth considering.

The Aeroclams fit the Arione saddles and mounts securely + performs perfectly as seen on the second image on Canyon cycle.

There is no rider/bodily contact whatsoever.

We have plenty of cyclists use the Aeroclams on their Arione saddles and love the combination.

The only issue is an aesthetic one as the Arione tappers toward the rear of the saddle and the Aeroclam overlaps slightly being designed for conventional saddles [Third Image].

A small pointer, but worth mentioning.

Massively Expensive to make the Aeroclams but if I get enough enquiries about a custom Aeroclam specifically for the FIZIK Aronie Saddle, I'll make one depending if the volumes are there.

Can you please Register Your Interest with an Email? All you need to do is Type FIZIK Arione in the title -  info@cyckit.com

Thanks, Pat