1/ Do you ship overseas?

Yes, we offer speedy international shipping options. Find all details here.

2/ What makes the Aeroclam bike saddle bike stand out?

Find a detailed list of the Aeroclam’s unique product features here.

3/ What saddle brands/ models do the Aeroclam bike bags fit?

The Aeroclam saddle bags are designed to be as Universal as possible and to date, between the P1 and P2 Aeroclams, they fit 223 [as of 8/Nov/20] bike seat brands and models. Please have a look at our Fitting Guide here.

4/ How to install the Aeroclam?

Download the installation instructions here [pdf].

Find more details and view the installation video here.

5/ What is the difference between the P1 and P2 Aeroclam saddle bag? 

The only difference between the P1 & P2 Aeroclam is the contour on the top edge of the top section of the Aeroclam. The P1 is more concave whereas the P2 is flatter along the top edge.

Find all details here.

6/ Is the Aeroclam bike bag waterproof?

Yes. Find out more about our testing here.

7/ Will the Rubber Latch be up to the Job of the Zipper?

Yes. Find out more.

8/ Will the Contents rattle inside the Hardshell of the Aeroclam bike saddle bag?

If the content is compressed packed as per instructions with the supplied rubber sleeve over the CO2 canister, there is no rattling. Find additional info here.

9/ Do you have images of the Aeroclam bike saddle bag on different seats/ bike models? 

Yes we do. Here is our gallery.

10/ Do you give discounts on larger orders?

Find all information on our Special Deals here.