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Unique Product Features

The Aeroclams have been designed and intensively developed by Cyckit over many years for Road, Gravel and MTB use, hence the very best cycle saddlebag option on the market.

Performance was always top priority when designing, but aesthetics are also very important so with a combination of both, we've made the Aeroclams the very best, appealing cycle saddlebag on the global market.

We have further acted on customer feedback to iron out any problems that have arisen in the past to make a truly great but small product range. Incredibly important to develop to the highest level and attract top rated customer feedback. Check out our Facebook Reviews.

What makes the Aeroclams Superior to Canvas Bags?

1/ Unique & Innovative Integrated Aerodynamic Styling Aesthetics
2/ Silent in Operation & No Annoying Movement - Solidly Mounted
3/ Replaceable Rubber Latch - No Zippers to Leak Jam & Break
4/ Durability - The Aeroclam will last indefinitely
5/ Designed to have Bodily Clearance - No more Rubbing Shorts etc.
6/ No more Paint Rubbing Velcro Straps to Wear & Break
7/ Silent in Operation - Slight Content Compression is the Key here
8/ Designed to be Watertight [and is]
9/ Virtually fits all Conventionally Railed Brands/Model Saddles [236 so far 18/Jan/22']
10/ Small, Medium & Large Bottom Sections Available - Swap Out in 10 Seconds
11/ Made from 1.5 mm UV Resistant Plastic - Won’t Rot or Degrade
12/ Quick Easy Access to Content via Replaceable Rubber Latch
13/ Attaches securely to Saddle Rails Independently - Great for Dropper Posts
14/ Easy to Clean Inside and Outside - Dries in Minutes
15/ Designed to Integrate to Saddle/Bike - Tight & Snug Fitting
16/ Easy to Fit - Within Five Minutes & designed to be a Permanent Fixture
17/ x 2 Tire Levers Supplied with every Aeroclam
18/ Compact Design - Plenty of room on seatpost for Garmin Varia Radar lights etc
19/ Comprehensive Illustrative Easy to Follow Instructions and Videos available
20/  World Class Customer Support! 

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Should you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact Pat via email info@cyckit.co.nz Thank you!