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In normal and even extreme weather situations the Aeroclam saddle bag will keep your content dry.

During testing, the latch area was blasted with a high pressure hose and did let a trickle of water run down the inside of the clam and straight out the drain holes.

The Aeroclam was designed to be watertight, and it was designed with ample drainage as well as rail impressions for the multitool to sit on preventing the tool from getting wet should water ever enter the clam.

Any reports where water has entered the Aeroclam has been via water being thrown up from the rear wheel and up through the drain holes. In the image above is a simple remedy to prevent this happening. 

Sacrifice & break open a pen and cut the ink tube on an angle [as shown]. Make sure the holes are facing forward and also make sure the tops of the ink tubes are level with the inside of the Aeroclam. If protruding into the inside of the Aeroclam space, they may rub and puncher the tube.

Masking tape wrapped around the end of the ink tube will keep them securely in place.

Next product designed will be a little clip in weather deflector.
Unfortunately the moulds have become far too complex now and are starting to stick in the moulds when ejected, so these deflectors have to be made a separate part.
They’ll only be a few dollars once available.

Should you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact Pat via email info@cyckit.co.nz. Thank you!