How to fit the Aeroclam bike saddle bag to your saddle | Cyckit


Please ensure you either read instructions supplied with Aeroclam or view the installation video as this is important.

Note - There are now no Wedges supplied due to more strengthening modifications to the clamp. Will update the video shortly.

I designed the clamp when tightened, to 'bottom out' on the very strong mid section of the Aeroclam top section, hence maybe slight 'side to side' movement at the rear of the Aeroclam when tightened. This is only with Steel rails.

This 'bottoming out' stops the transfer of too much load to the seat rail area of the top section and prevents slight distortion of the top section 'if' over tightened.

The slight side to side movement [if any] is basically a safety mechanism to stop distorting of the top section ‘if' over tightened. You’ll only really get slight side to side movement with the thinner steel rails. However if this bothers you, you can wrap some electrical tape on the angled section of the rails around where the clamp clamps down to eliminate any movement.

On thicker carbon rails there is minimal or no side to side movement.

Due to the variety of angles of the upsweep of the saddle rails [at the rear where the Aeroclam clamps], the clamp rarely clamps 100% flat to the rails. This causes no problems and the clamp will be able to lift excess of 100kgs off the ground without making 100% clamp/rail contact. What it does do however, is leave the clamp contacting onto the rails on the front edge and raised with an air gap on the back of the clamp.


‘IF' the clamp is over tightened, the back of the clamp can continue to pull downward and bend, then if continued to over tighten, eventually breaks the clamp. Tighten the clamp sensibly, and without over tightened trying to eliminate the side to side movement at the rear of the unit [should there be any].

I can never be sure who’s on the end of the cap screw key doing the tightening.


There is no actual torque setting for clamp onto the saddle rails via the cap screw.

Just tighten until the top section is....'tight'.

You’ll know when the clamp is tight as there will be resistance. Beyond this resistance, the extra 'give' you might feel when tightening past this point is the clamp actually being over tightening and bending before breaking!

Just do up the socket key 'tight' with forefinger and thumb, maybe wrist but NEVER your forearm.

Very rarely, people manage to over tighten the clamp, hence causing damage. DON’T USE EXCESSIVE FORCE! It gets expensive to replace the clamp and Cyckit will not pay shipping if the clamp is damaged by customers, but will supply the clamp free of charge.

As mentioned [but worth mentioning] very rarely do we get customers breaking the clamps.

Note: Read the included Instructions - They're very illustrative and easy to follow. I've drawn these myself and added to over the years.


Fitting the Aeroclam is easy and should take averagely few minutes.

You will see you must separate the halves of the Aeroclam before assembly. Separate these directly sideways to the way the arrows point in the instructions. Do not twist or wrench the clam halves on separation or you may damage the hinge. 

Just a couple of things to keep in mind

1/ Read the instructions supplied with the Aeroclam.

2/ Do Not over tighten trying to eliminate the slight 'side to side' movement at the rear of the Aeroclam. This movement is designed to be there and is caused by the clamp bottoming out on the very strong mounting bridge of the top section, hence taking the load off the area under the saddle rails and preventing slight distortion from over tightening. Steel rails only.

3/ Just do up the clamp socket key 'tight' with forefinger and thumb, maybe wrist but NEVER your forearm or you risk bending and breaking the clamp.

4/ Make sure you separate the Aeroclam halves before installing. Do not twist or wench the halves trying to separate as this may damage the hinge. Slide the bottom halve directly out of the hinge sideways. Read the instructions!

5/ Make sure you face the narrow edge of the clamp forward and attach it to the ANGLED section of the saddle rails at the rear.

6/ Do not open the Aeroclam by pulling on the rubber latch or the Retailer Clip may be damaged

7/ Dropper Posts - Ensure Clearance between Rear Wheel and Aeroclam - If the rear wheel contacts the Aeroclam, the Aeroclam will smash and no warrantees for this.

8/ Make sure any unwanted extra space inside the Aeroclam is taken up with rolled plastic Lunch Wrap, bubblewrap, latex gloves etc If the rubber latch becomes difficult to slide over the plastic buttons, smear the buttons with a touch of non petroleum based substance, cooking oil, Vaseline, organic detergent, rubber grease or anything slippery really.


Would love to hear back from you once you’ve covered some time with the Aeroclam. Facebook reviews are always much appreciated as they’re a reflection of Cyckit’s products and service.

Thanks, Pat