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Customer Service

Great Customer Reviews Evidence of Great Service

Please take some time to skim through our 100 + Facebook customer reviews, you'll notice constant referrals to Cyckit's customer service, and of course products. Facebook reviews are a great thing because they're all independent and we have absolutely no influence on what customers wish to write. If we ever have to say anything to encourage reviews it's 'Just write as you please and from the heart, if we've done our development well, then I'm sure it'll be OK'.

You'll be looked after from start to finish when dealing with Cyckit.

Communication after Shipping & Product Instructions

Once your order has been shipped, you'll be emailed an image of your package labelled with shipping paid at the post shop just before the handover. Inside your package will be the most image-filled instructions you'll ever read. I drew these myself in Adobe Illustrator and they're exact and very easy to follow.

We get much good feedback on how easy the instructions are to follow, so no excuses.


Import Tax

If you are from a country where there's import tax, then this [below] is what will be applied to the Customs Form;

Marked the value of the package to $30.00 NZ dollars [singular orders]. This is not being dishonest as on the customs form it only requires the value of the package… not the cost, wholesale or retail value of the package. Have to keep it half realistic otherwise customs put their own value on the package. So hopefully, the package will get to you without any extra taxes.

Any questions? Please contact