Rubber Latch | Bike Saddle Bag | Aeroclam | Cyckit

The latch on the Aeroclam bike saddle bag is more than up to the job of the zipper. It is made of very durable rubber that has excellent UV qualities.

The latch eyelets also have to be stretched over the plastic buttons with some resistance, so will NEVER pop undone in motion as long as they are secured/seated properly in the first place. When testing the durability of the rubber latch eyelets, I personally slid the latch over the plastic buttons over 500 times on one Aeroclam. This equates to 250 punctures and the rubber compound held it’s composition perfectly.

If by some chance one of the eyelets isn’t seated correctly and comes off, the other eyelet will hold the content from falling onto the road. The amount of resistance needed to slide the latch eyelet over the plastic button is manageable and very quick compared to using a zipper.

If, for some reason the latch does eventually fail, it can be bought as a separate component and easily fitted in a couple of minutes. When your zipper fails, you buy a new saddle bag.

Should you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact Pat via email Thank you!