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Ordering Process

The Aeroclams have been designed and intensively developed by Cyckit over many years for Road, Gravel and MTB use.

So far, between the P1 and P2 Aeroclams, they fit 284 different brand/model saddles [23/July/23'].

We're withholding the extensive list of saddles the Aeroclams fit until we engage the larger global distributors. Please understand and respect our caution on this decision.

Email info@cyckit.co.nz  your saddle/brand information and we'll reply promptly [depending on the time Northern/Southern hemisphere time zone].

For your viewing on request, we also have a library of 193 different Aeroclam/saddle combinations we'll email should we have an image of your saddle brand/model with Aeroclams attached.


Thanks, Pat

1) Please email the brand/model of your saddle

Can you please email the brand/model of your saddle as we always like to check customers have ordered the correct model Aeroclams for their saddles.

'If' you do not know the brand/model of your saddle then please email a nice direct side profile image of your saddle [see image below but with the rails directly in line with each other] so we can gauge what model Aeroclam will fit.

Make sure the saddle rails are directly parallel. 

This is how we define whether the P1 or P2 Aeroclams will be the best fit.

Email any brand names and logos etc.

Please take the images:

  • In good light
  • High Resolution
  • Complete Saddle showing [not cropped]
  • Show the top portion of the saddle post [including clamp - Like image below as we need to see this too]
  • Directly side profile as possible
  • Another image looking slightly under and upward  [Cervelo saddle below]
  • Focus point on green cross

ordering process Aeroclam Cyckit

Ordering Process Aeroclam Cyckit

2) Please DO NOT email the brand/model of your cycle itself

Bike manufacturers can often change their brand/model saddles. We need the actual brand/model of your saddle as bike manufacturers often change their brand/model saddles in the course of a season.

Full bike images are low resolution and the area of the saddle cannot be enlarged clearly enough to get a visual of the saddle either.  Also, we don’t have time to troll the internet searching for relevant information or imagery.

3) Lower Section Swapout

The small, medium & large lower sections swap out in 10 seconds for your ride duration, so it’s common for customers to order a second or sometimes all three options.


4) List your brand/model saddle & additional info when ordering

Please make sure you list you brand/model saddle [if you have this information] when filling out your order details. Please also tell us where you discovered Cyckit as this is invaluable information for us. Thanks.

Enter your additional information [special deals etc.] in the Notes Section of the Check Out page [image below].

Ordering process Aeroclam Cyckit


Please make any specific notes here.

If information is excluded from the notes section, then it may be excluded from your order as this information can be lost in order transition.

So if there have been any offers and information negotiated via email, then they must be noted.