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What is the Aeroclam's Point of Difference?

The Aeroclam is a compact, hard shell, aerodynamic bike saddle bag that integrates to the saddle and bike as a whole. Aesthetics have been a big part of the design but always second to performance. Innovative styling ensures no movement - no more noisy swinging, hanging canvas bags.

Functional Performance with equalled Aesthetics

Our Aeroclam under seat bike saddle bag looks like it belongs on the cycle. Designed to be tucked away to avoid any bodily contact it independently clamps to rails, so no more velcro straps to break and wear on paint or carbon fibre. The rubber latch is quick and easy to use.

Choose small, medium or large lower Section

Tough UV resistant injected plastic makes the Aeroclam durable and water resistant. There are small, medium and large lower compartments available that swap out in 10 seconds. This allows you to adjust the storage capacity to your needs.

Meet Pat, the founder of Cyckit.

Excellent Customer Service

When dealing with Cyckit, you are not dealing with a faceless non interactive online store that leaves you wondering about your order or if you've made the right choice of model Aeroclam for your cycle.

You'll be comprehensively advised and any questions answered. Before and after sales [if need be].

Great product!

I have used it on and off road. It worked great for The Belgian Wafer Ride (BWR) and other gravel rides as well. The large size holds a lot! (Robert Davis)

Amazing Aeroclam

Bought the amazing Aeroclam for all three of my bikes. Pat's exceptional service, help and knowledge is second to none. Thank you Pat for a fantastic product and experience. (Ramzy Helal)

Superb! It fits perfectly.

First my racing bike, now also equipped my gravel bike with Cyckit. Superb! It fits perfectly. Everything stays in place without rattling! Thx Pat! (Sven Verdeyen)

How to... the Aeroclam to your saddle

... separate the halfs and other useful tips

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