About Us

Cyckit Ltd is a New Zealand based company specializing in designing and producing niche plastic injected moulded integrated cycle saddlebags for higher end users in the cycle market.

Cyckit’s point of difference is making their saddlebags perform as good as they look on the cycle.

The Aeroclams are how a cycle saddlebag should be designed for a cycle - Integrated & Aesthetically pleasing, but of course these Form attributes follow Function.

Originally designed/developed for the Road Bike market the Aeroclams have been withstanding the rigours of Off Road for a good number of years so now don’t have a specific market category but more classed as ‘Universal’.

Cyckit was founded by Concept Designer/Engineer & Graphic Designer Pat Reardon.

Pat brings his design philosophy of functional performance with equaled aesthetics to the bicycle saddlebag accessories market by producing a saddlebag range that’s not really a saddlebag as the cycling world have for decades known them.

When promoting another earlier but different storage prototype an Auckland cycle shop owner challenged Pat to design a stylish lightweight ‘hard’ replacement to the ‘style absent’ zip up under seat canvas saddle bags that dominated the market.

Pat became increasingly focused on the cycle saddlebags noting that while bicycle technology was moving forward at an unabated pace the cycle saddlebags had not. In fact the canvas under-seat bags had remained unchanged for years.

In Pat's words “the old canvas bags looked like a suitcase strapped to the boot of a Ferrari. They just killed the aerodynamics and look of a road cycle or any cycle for that matter. So we set about changing that”.

Pat developed a workable prototype and embarked on an extensive market validation procedure involving 125 road cyclists.

The feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Inspired by the interest from cyclists and cycle stores alike so a product development plan was conceived to bring this completely unique product to the market.

After ensuring there is an Aeroclam [two models, the P1 and P2 + a Larger bottom section that swaps out with the smaller bottom in seconds] to fit most major seat brands/models, Cyckit intends to establish its presence in the market with more uniquely stylish “on bike” integrated storage accessories for cyclists who care precisely what they fit to their cycles.

The Cyckit story started like many others – an idea, a gap in the market, a vision sketched out on paper and bought to life by many hours developing prototypes by hand in a home garage/workshop.

As well as producing world class products, Cyckit also prides itself on service with over 100 top rated Facebook independent global customer reviews that make constant mention of Cyckit's top service and communication 


As Pat says 'you can beat your chest all you like about what you do and how good you are, but it's really what your customers say about your products and service that counts'.