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Amazon FBA USA - Please read this


We regret to inform Amazon USA customers that Cyckit is pulling out of Amazon, US [FBA].

Returns driven by the ‘click and buy’ culture Amazon has created have driven us to this decision.
Some customers weren't reading our content stating the importance of contacting us to check the compatibility of their saddles fitting the Aeroclams.
This lead to the inevitable returns/refunds. 
Returns/Refunds cost us as a small company as it’s simply not worth shipping retuned product back to New Zealand [we have no US address to return to] and product is destroyed by Amazon. 
An incredible waste.
Destroyed product also takes stock from customers who really want the Aeroclams.
So we loose out badly every time there’s a return/refund.
There been times when customers have carelessly ‘click and bought’ four products returning three and keeping the one product that fits.
Infuriating and simply not sustainable.
Amazon have also lost boxes of our product when transitioning between their distribution locations.
It’s impossible to contact anyone within Amazon to locate the lost product as Amazon has slashed it’s contact personal.
I guess they just can’t afford it.
So we’re going back to being 'Amazon Merchants' and shipping from New Zealand.
Yes sure, it’ll take 10 days to two weeks to receive your product [unless fast couriered] but the postal service is very reliable and it’s how we ship over 95% of our orders globally.
It’s good to have personal contact with customers as Merchants though, so we can double check their orders Before we ship, whereas we'd get the customers details from Amazon FBA after they'd shipped & too late.
We hope to find distributors in the Northern Hemisphere but they’re impossible to contact online, and they don’t want the public contacting them which makes it difficult.
If you have an outlet [Bike shops with strong Online presence] who you think might want to stock our products, then please feel free to introduce them to us or supply us their contact details.
We had big hopes for Amazon FBA USA, UK and EU, but it’s just too sloppy and far too inefficient to work for us.
Thanks, Pat


Phone: +64 21 707 782