Amazon FBA USA - Please read this


US Customers, Cyckit's products are now available via Amazon FBA

* P1 Small

* P1 Medium

* P1 Large

* P2 Small

* P2 Medium

* P2 Large

* Small Lower

* Medium Lower

* Large Lower

Here is a video about how to swap out - small, medium & large lower sections.  


Please contact Cyckit before ordering as many customers make the wrong Aeroclam choice for their saddles.

The Aeroclams fit over 230 different brand/ model saddles and we also have over 180 images of saddle/ Aeroclam images. We may have an image of your saddle with Aeroclam attached.

Simply tell us the brand/ model + any images or logos of your saddle and we’ll get straight back to you. If there are no logos etc, please send a nice clear directly side profile image of your saddle in good light so we can assess.

Please do not email the model of your cycle only.

All saddle queries will be answered asap. We can't unfortunately offer any targeted personal coupon deals through Amazon so the best deals for Multi Orders are still through the Cyckit website


Phone: +64 21 707 782