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Amazon FBA USA - Please read this


We regret to inform Amazon USA customers that Cyckit is pulling out of Amazon, US [FBA].

Failure to contact us to check the compatibility of Aeroclams to saddles
leads to the inevitable costly returns/refunds. 
Returns/Refunds cost us as a small company as it’s simply not worth shipping retuned product back to New Zealand [we have no US address to return to] and product is destroyed by Amazon. 
An incredible waste.
There been times when customers have carelessly ‘click and bought’ four products returning three and keeping the one product that fits.
Infuriating and simply not sustainable.
Amazon themselves have also lost boxes of our product when transitioning between their distribution locations.
So we’re going back to being 'Amazon Merchants' and shipping from New Zealand.
We had big hopes for Amazon FBA USA, UK and EU, but it’s just too sloppy and far too inefficient to work for us.
If Amazon looked after it's Seller like it does it's Customers, then we'd all be happy.
Thanks for reading, Pat 


A dishonest example of a person nobody should deal with details is below. I tried to contact Rena and left a message to confirm saddle brand/model before I shipped their order from New Zealand but heard nothing. I purposely waited for the third day when we get an Amazon Late Alert, then shipped.

On the very day I shipped we get a refund demand from Amazon via Rena - Reason 'No Longer Required'. Great ploy to defraud us and gain free product.

This will not happen again. In future if customers do not reply within two days their orders will be cancelled.

Rena Baldenegro
631 N. 100th Place
Mesa, AZ 85207
United States


Phone: +64 21 707 782