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1/ Length, Width & Depth Dimensions of the Aeroclam Lower Sections

Aeroclam Lower Sections in mm


Cyckit is not a bike shop as such so don’t have the items on hand many customers enquire about fitting but the below info will give you guidance. We also don’t have a measurement in litres but all the Aeroclam lower halves are the same length/width in dimension so they fit the top sections.

Images of lower sections in inches & millimetres below. Measurements include extra space inside the top section - meaning the lower sections' content [tubes] can protrude past the top edge of the lower section and still be consumed by the extra 10mm [0.39 inches] space inside the top sections.

Aeroclam Lower Sections in mm

Aeroclam measurements inches


All the Aeroclam halves [tops and bottoms] are completely interchangeable. The small, medium and large lowers swap out in 10 seconds. We often get customers ordering two lower sections they can swap out depending on the duration of their ride. The weights below were measured with & without x 2 tire levers [but mounting hardware included in both weights].

P1 Small Aeroclam & Mounting Hardware:
0.159 kgs with x 2 Levers
0.138 kgs without x 2 Levers

P1 Medium Aeroclam & Mounting Hardware:
0.176 kgs with x 2 Levers
0.155 kgs without x 2 Levers

P1 Large Aeroclam & Mounting Hardware:
0.187 kgs with x 2 Levers
0.166 kgs without x 2 Levers

Cyckit Multitool Dimensions:
70 mm long x 27 mm wide x 7 mm high
weight: 80 grams

Tool has:

  • Crosshead
  • Flathead
  • T25
  • 2mm key
  • 3mm key
  • 4mm key
  • 5mm key
  • 6mm key

Thanks, Pat