2/ Aeroclam Saddle Fit List - 329 Different Brands/Models 20/May/24 – Cyckit

We have a comprehensive list of [so far] 329 different brands/models saddles the P1 & P2 Aeroclams fit.

So please contact Cyckit to confirm the correct Aeroclam fit for your saddle brand/model and we'll get straight back to you [between 7am and 10pm New Zealand time].

The reason we don't display this list on the website is to prevent those inevitable copiers of Western innovators from taking the bread from our mouths. Without the list they can't advise.

At some point when the larger distributors show an interest in Cyckit, then the list will be made public.

We also have 195 images of Aeroclams fitted to different brand/model saddles, so there's a good chance we have an image of your saddle fitted with an Aeroclam we can also email you.

If there are no logos etc, please send a nice clear directly side profile image of your saddle in good light so we can assess.

Please do not email the model of your cycle only as we need the brand/model of your saddle.

All saddle queries will be answered asap.

Email: info@cyckit.co.nz
Phone: +64 21 707 782
Please call between 7am and 10pam New Zealand time

If you have any questions about our products, please get in touch.