Aeroclam P2 Bike Seat Bag

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The Aeroclam saddle bag is compact and aerodynamic.

A solid mounted bike bag that fits securely under the seat of your bike, it’s innovative styling ensures that there is no movement. No more noisy rattling and paint wearing off from rubbing velcro, straps and ill-fitting bags.

Made from tough UV resistant injected plastic, it’s easy to clean and won’t rot or degrade.

The Aeroclam bike bag is suitable for road or mountain bike, and fits virtually all conventional saddles (watch the installation video).

The bottom section of the bike bag clips close onto the top section sealing in the contents. No zips to break, jam or leak. You can also swap out the small or large bottom sections in seconds.

The Aeroclam bike bag is designed to hold one tube, one canister, inflator, two tire levers, and a slimline multitool if required. The tire levers come free with the kit.


  • Material: 1.5mm High Impact UV Resistant Plastic & Rubber Securing/Closing Latch
  • Width: 120mm Wide [narrower than the narrowest saddle]
  • Length: 110mm Long
  • Height: Small: 50mm & Large: 75mm 

Made in New Zealand.

Choosing your Aeroclam?

The Aeroclam is designed to be as Universal and to date, between the P1 and P2, they fit 197 different bike saddle brands/models. The underside of the vast majority of saddles are very similar, and across saddle brands & models the P1 and P2 often fit as well as each other. Generally though, the flatter the bottom profile of the saddle the more likely the P2 Aeroclam is the best fit. The more Concave the bottom profile of the saddle, the more likely the P1 Aeroclam will fit. 

See the list of saddles below that are known to fit either the P1 or P2. If you're unsure, please get hold of us and we will help you with your decision.

View download instructions or read our FAQ for more info.